NNN Investments or Triple Net Investments

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There are lots of people in the world today who are involved in the real estate industry. It is because there are lots of opportunities that can be taken when it comes to the real estate industry, not to mention a lot of money to earn as well if people do their jobs properly. Now Triple Net properties today have become very famous due to the fact that lots of people are always considering them as a very good investment in terms of real estate. This is because most investors do not want to experience problems and setbacks whenever they are planning to invest their money in real estate. That is why Triple Net is there to help them. When they go ahead and invest their money, they will be entitled to earn monthly income that requires no managerial staff or responsibilities at all, not to mention that the money they are earning every month is stable and will not crash down on them anytime soon.

However, even though the income is stable, there are still risks that might come up. It is because there is no investment that does not involve risks and they are always present and can pop up anytime. Triple Net allows an investor to purchase a property piece by piece and not the entirety of it which is then agreed to in a lease which is long term. When it comes to the lease, it usually says that the tenant of said commercial property will be the one to pay for all the expenses like taxes, maintenance and even insurance of the property that they are renting. When it comes to the rent, they are literally free when it gets to the owner, therefore, getting the name of Triple Net Gateway.

Now when it comes to the tenants of these kinds of commercial properties, they are also very big companies as well. This is mainly because small tenants with start-up companies cannot afford to pay this much when they are just starting their company. However, there are still companies that are not that famous or well known that are capable enough of becoming tenants of Triple Net properties at triplenetgateway.com all the time.

Now the risks that are present in Triple Net investments are entirely resting on the tenant of the commercial property. If they follow their job in the contract, then both of them will earn money, the tenant and the owner. Check out this website at http://money.cnn.com/investing/new-investor/ and learn more about investments.


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